trip to formentera

Practical Tips for Planning Your Trip to Formentera

29Prepare your getaway to Formentera with our practical advice. From how to get there to where to stay, discover everything you need to know for an unforgettable trip. Practical Tips for Your Trip to Formentera Formentera, a Mediterranean paradise known for its crystal-clear waters and natural landscapes, is the perfect destination for those seeking tranquility and beauty. Here […]

Sail in formentera

Sailing in Formentera: A Unique Journey through paradise

 Embark on an unforgettable adventure and discover the incomparable beauty of Formentera from the sea. Explore hidden coves, crystal clear waters and dreamlike landscapes. Sailing towards paradise: Discover Formentera from the Sea Formentera, the jewel of the Mediterranean, offers a sailing experience that combines the tranquility of the sea with the exuberance of its […]

Formentera Activities

Complete Guide to Activities and Entertainment in Formentera

Discover the best activities and entertainment options in Formentera. From water sports to cultural explorations, Formentera has it all. Activities and Entertainment in Formentera: A Complete Guide Formentera, a destination that combines natural beauty, tranquility and adventure, offers a diversity of activities and entertainment for all its visitors. Whether you are looking for thrills […]

Ses Platgetes

Discover Ses Platgetes: The Charming Coves of Formentera

Explore Ses Platgetes, some charming hidden coves in Formentera. Discover why you should visit this hidden paradise, how to get there, where to eat, activities to enjoy and tips to respect this beautiful natural environment. Ses Platgetes: A hidden paradise in Formentera Ses Platgetes is a set of paradisiacal coves located on the southern coast of Formentera, known […]

se illetes formentera

Ses Illetes Beach: A Paradise in Formentera

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Ses Illetes Beach in Formentera, an essential destination for lovers of paradisiacal beaches and crystal clear waters. Ses Illetes Beach: A natural treasure in Formentera Ses Illetes Beach, located in the Ses Salines Natural Park, is one of the jewels of Formentera. Known for […]

Maritime History of Formentera

Explore the Maritime History of Formentera: Between Traditional Ships and Shipwrecks

Immerse yourself in the fascinating maritime history of Formentera. Discover the secrets of traditional boats and shipwrecks that lie in the depths of its crystalline waters. The Maritime History of Formentera: A Journey through Traditional Boats and Shipwrecks Formentera, an island bathed by crystal clear waters and enveloped in the sea breeze, has a maritime history […]

navigation license price

What is the price of a navigation license?

If you want to obtain a navigation license, you have to keep in mind that the price to obtain said license may vary depending on the nautical school where the course is taken. Generally, the prices of a course to obtain the title of “Navigation License” (also known as “titulín”) range between 120-300 euros, depending on […]

best formentera sunsets

Where to see the best sunset in Formentera?

Our beloved Formentera, with its endless horizon and crystal clear waters, offers some of the most impressive sunsets in the Mediterranean. A popular option to enjoy this natural wonder is to rent a boat in Formentera, allowing you to immerse yourself in the tranquility of the sea. This unique experience offers an unparalleled perspective of the sun slowly sinking into the […]

best formentera coves

The 6 best coves in Formentera

Formentera, our beloved Mediterranean jewel, stands as a paradisiacal tourist destination in the Balearic Islands, which captivates with its natural charm. This small island, located south of Ibiza, is famous throughout the world for its dreamy beaches and coves, which dazzle with crystal-clear waters and white sand. However, the popularity of […]