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Cala Saona in Formentera: enjoy the beach in this natural paradise

Cala Saona beach

Cala Saona, located on our picturesque island of Formentera, is a coastal gem that attracts visitors for its natural charms and his relaxed atmosphere. This idyllic cove is characterized by its fine golden sand, giving bathers a unique experience when walking barefoot along its banks. With a moderate size, Cala Saona offers a intimate and cozy environment, perfect for those looking to escape the crowds and enjoy the serenity of the surroundings.

The influx of people varies throughout the year, being busier during the high season, but in general, it maintains a quiet atmosphere. It is a safe destination for families with children, since the waters are usually calm, and it is a supervised beach, with the presence of lifeguards. Apart from the presence of a lifeguard, you must always control the color of the flags, which warn bathers of possible dangers. Municipal ordinances prohibit the access of pets for reasons of safety and hygiene.

In terms of services, Cala Saona has a variety of amenities for visitors, such as restaurants that offer local delicacies (such as paella and sangria, to make just two examples of the most classic) and shops where you can buy food and drinks. The beach bars in Cala Saona, along the beach, they create the perfect setting to relax and enjoy the surroundings. For those who want to enjoy the natural beauties of Cala Saona beach at 100%, there is a hotel (which has the same name as the Cala) that does not affect the wonderful landscape of the beach at all.

The entertainment options on the beach are diverse, from the possibility of renting kayaks or jet skis to explore the crystal-clear sea to paddle surfing, snorkeling or simply relaxing on the sun loungers in the sun. Cala Saona offers a complete experience, where natural beauty is combined with comfort and recreational activities to provide visitors with unforgettable moments of rest and fun.

How to get to Cala Saona?

To get to this idyllic beach there are various options, offering visitors the flexibility to choose the experience that best suits their preferences.

Those who choose the comfort and autonomy of the car You can enjoy a picturesque trip along roads that wind through the island landscape. The journey by car allows you to explore Formentera at your own pace, with the possibility of making stops along the way to discover other charms of the island, on your way to Cala Saona beach, the jewel of the island's western coast.

For those looking for a more active experience in tune with nature, walk or bike to Cala Saona It's a lovely option. The pine-lined trails and sea breezes make this trip a memorable experience, allowing adventurers to connect more intimately with Formentera's natural environment.

However, The most exciting option to get to Cala Saona is, without a doubt, by boat. The Formentera coast is revealed in all its glory from the sea, and many visitors find it the boat trip is an integral part of the experience. Furthermore, disembarking directly on the beach provides a unique feeling of exclusive access to this paradisiacal corner. The panoramic views and the possibility of discovering hidden coves and cliffs along the way make the boat trip an unforgettable option, for this reason, At Isla Azul, we offer you the best boat options to live this unique experience.

Where to park in Cala Saona

For park in Cala Saona there is two main optionsLikewise, although there is plenty of space to leave cars and/or motorcycles, it is always advisable to arrive early, especially during high season, as space may be limited and the free areas tend to fill up quickly.

From Sant Francesc Xavier, take the PMV-820-1 road south, specifically towards Cap de Barbaria, the most popular lighthouse in Formentera. About 2 kilometers away there is a well-marked detour towards Cala Saona.

Once you have taken the detour there are two alternatives:

1. Continue along the road for about 2.7 kilometers until the Hotel Cala Saona and park the car in the parking lot or on the shoulder.

2. Another option is to continue along the road and after 1.5 kilometers, take the path towards Shallow Tip, a sand road marked only by a painted stone, on which you can read “Punta Rasa”, direct to an esplanade at the top of the cliffs of the cove where you can park. From here you just have to go down some stairs to reach the fishing boat area of the cove.

Best restaurants and beach bars in Cala Saona

Along the cove, there are various beach bars and restaurants offering a variety of culinary options. Since this cove is always better known, better to reserve before going to eat, especially in high season, to avoid setbacks.

  • Beach bar:

Strategically located in Cala Saona, the local beach bar is a perfect place to enjoy light meals and refreshing cocktails with your feet in the sand. With a relaxed atmosphere and impressive views, this beach bar offers Mediterranean specialties, from fresh salads to grilled fish of the day. The prices are moderate, making it an attractive option for those looking for a casual, beachfront experience.

  • Restaurant Chacala:

If you are looking for a more complete gastronomic experience, Restaurant Chacala in Cala Saona can be an outstanding option. In this establishment you can find a Traditional Mediterranean cuisine, but with a creative touch. Diners can enjoy dishes made with fresh, local ingredients, from exquisite seafood to thoughtful vegetarian options. With a elegant and cozy atmosphere, Restaurant Chacala offers a select wine list to accompany your culinary creations. The prices reflect the quality of the dining experience, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a most sophisticated evening.

  • Restaurant Sol Post:

Just a few steps from the shore, Restaurant Sol Post in Cala Saona stands out for its focus on local cuisine, offering Traditional dishes from the region with a contemporary twist. With menus that highlight the diversity of flavors of Formentera, you can enjoy options such as rice, fresh fish and delicious homemade desserts. He Relaxed atmosphere and terrace with sea views They make this restaurant a lovely choice. The moderate prices, make it an affordable option for anyone who wants to explore authentic local cuisine without compromising quality.

Enjoy the sunset in Cala Saona

As we have seen, Cala Saona is truly a paradise corner, but even more so sunset time, when it reaches its maximum splendor.
Those looking for a unique experience at dusk will find this place a true hidden gem. To live an unforgettable experience it is advisable to tour the picturesque Punta Rasa Trail until reaching the wide esplanade of the cliffs that unfold in front of the Mediterranean. From this strategic point you can enjoy, every day, a always magical and attractive show

Walking along the paths that wind through virgin nature and reaching the rocky platform provides a feeling of connection with the very essence of Formentera. This daily ritual in Cala Saona becomes a unmatched experience, where the serenity of the environment is intertwined with the visual poetry of the sun slowly falling into the Mediterranean (as Serrat sang, “To your red sunsets / My eyes got used to it / Like the bend in the road"), making this place a privileged enclave to live one of the most sublime sunsets in the entire region.

Boat rental for Cala Saona: An Intimate Experience with the Sea

Exploring Cala Saona from the sea is an experience that has no equal. With the boat rental in Formentera, you can feel the sea breeze and the sun on your face as you glide through the turquoise waters of Formentera. This option offers you a unique intimacy with the sea, allowing you to discover secret corners of the cove that many do not get to see. Imagine anchoring near the shore, jumping into the water for a refreshing swim, or simply relaxing on deck while the world seems to stand still.

For those who are not navigation experts, no problem. Many companies offer skippered boats, ensuring a safe and pleasant journey. This is a perfect opportunity to learn some navigation secrets, or simply to let yourself go while the captain guides you through the best views and corners of Cala Saona. From families looking for a safe adventure to couples longing for a romantic spot, a boat rental suits all needs.

And at the end of the day, when the sun begins to set, there is no better place to enjoy a sunset in Formentera than from your own boat. As the sky turns orange and pink, you will find yourself immersed in a moment of pure magic, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Renting a boat to visit Cala Saona is not just a ride, it is an experience that connects you in a deep and personal way with the essence of the Mediterranean.

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